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SDKs and Libraries


Welcome to the SDKs page! Find useful information about SDKs and Libraries (e.g. Foundry, Viem, Hardhat), such as recommended configuration or known issues.


Hardhat is a development environment for Ethereum software. It consists of different components for editing, compiling, debugging and deploying your smart contracts and dApps, all of which work together to create a complete development environment.

Hardhat Ignition

Hardhat Ignition is a declarative system for deploying smart contracts on Ethereum.

We recommend users to pay attention to the configuration of Ignition on Kakarot Sepolia.

There are some known issues with the default Ignition configuration. For instance, the default for the number of block confirmations required by ignition to prevent re-orgs is 5. We recommend users to set this to 1 in Kakarot Sepolia. Another example is that Kakarot does not support fee bumping since it has no fee market (FIFO system).

Here is an example configuration for Kakarot Sepolia.

// hardhat.config.js
module.exports = {
defaultNetwork: "kakarot",
networks: {
hardhat: {},
kakarot: {
url: "",
accounts: ["<YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY>"],
// ... other fields
ignition: {
blockPollingInterval: 3_000,
timeBeforeBumpingFees: 3 * 60 * 1_000,
maxFeeBumps: 0,
requiredConfirmations: 1,

Acknowledgment: Thanks @swetashaw_ for spotting this issue.